Advanced Competition

The Advanced Competition gives experienced coders the opportunity to challenge themselves and demonstrate their creative skills. Students will be given a theme, under which they will create their program.  They may use Scratch, Tynker or Hopscotch. If you would like to use a different program, please email the coordinators to propose this program. As with the rest of the Global Codeathon, only students in grades 3-6 will be able to participate.

Note that the program must be submitted online (ask your teacher about this) and fit the prescribed theme.

How the programs will be scored:

  • Creativity/Uniqueness (25 pts): Program idea is interesting and original.
  • Visual Appeal (25 pts): Program is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Engagement (25 pts):  Program is engaging – I want to keep playing with it
  • Technical ability (25 pts): Demonstrates a variety of coding skills such as conditionals, loops, broadcasting. Program feel complete.

Timeline of events:

  • May 5th: Theme for Advanced Coders will be posted on the website and also e-mailed out to teachers.
  • May 14th: Programs must be completed and shared using the appropriate form (will be completed shortly).
  • May 17th: At the closing of the Global Codeathon 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be announced and have an opportunity to demo their program during the codeathon.