Theme Announcement

Global Codeathon Theme Announcement: May 5th


Dear Supercoders,

Congratulations on deciding to participate in the advanced coding competition. The theme for the 2014 Global Codeathon is Super Heroes! Please create a program using Scratch or Hopscotch that fits within that theme.

Coding is an opportunity to be creative and we look forward to seeing what you come up with. This means you don’t have to be the most advanced coder to do well, you may even be fairly new to coding.  Use your coding skills to design something unique, well thought-out and engaging.

Note that the program must be submitted online through this form and fit the Super Heroes theme. In order to to be part of the event your program must be submitted by May 14th.

How the programs will be scored:

  • Creativity/Uniqueness (25 pts): Program idea is interesting and original.
  • Visual Appeal (25 pts): Program is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Engagement (25 pts):  Program is engaging – I want to keep playing with it
  • Technical ability (25 pts): Demonstrates a variety of coding skills such as conditionals, loops, broadcasting. Program feel complete.

Timeline of events:

  • May 14th: Programs must be completed and shared using the online submission form.
  • May 17th: At the closing of the Global Codeathon 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be announced and have an opportunity to demo their program during the codeathon.

We look forward to seeing your programs.



The Global Codeathon Team