Participating Schools

School Codeathon Leaders  
UNIS Hanoi

Mindy, Michelle & Heidi

After supporting a group of Grade 5 students to use coding last year, Michelle, Mindy and Heidi decided to start the weekly UNIS Hanoi Coding Club. The Coding Club organized the Hour of Code at UNIS which convinced many students to begin coding. Inspired by the success of the Hour of Code, Michelle, Mindy and Heidi decided to organize an event which celebrated students coding and connected them with other young coders around the world. The Global Codeathon was born.
American International School - Ho Chi Minh City
Riki Kochar &
Jennifer Simon
Riki Kochar is a Grade 5 team member at the American International School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She team teaches with Jennifer Simon, Technology Integration Specialist, to provide students with the 21st Century skills needed to become successful life-long learners. Coding with students is a new frontier for this dynamic duo and they are excited to take their ‘game’ to the next level!
American International School - Hong Kong

Hilton Chan &
Marlon Ng
Hilton Chan and Marlon Ng, a couple of dudes from American International School in Hong Kong. They are interested integrating tech across the curriculum. These gentlemen have dabbled in coding in the classroom and hope to bring it to full swing in the coming year.
American International School of Johannesburg
Jackie Booth
Jackie Booth is the MS Tech Integration Coach at the American School of Johannesburg. She recently returned home (South Africa) after spending 8 years working in Botswana and Colombia at international schools. Although Jackie has always been interested in technology and how it can be used in the classroom coding is new to her this year. She is enjoying exploring and learning coding alongside teachers and students and is looking forward to this event.
Concordia International School - Hanoi

David Elliot
This is exciting. After teaching computer programming K-12 since 1982, David worried that coding had left schools in 2007. Seymour Papert was his idol with Logo (pre-pre-pre cursor to Scratch). Engaging young people in coding again has been a blast. Thanks to all who have done all this work to help one another bring coding back into schools.
Chadwick International School

Rolly Maiquez & Chris Radnich

Rolly Maiquez (R) & Chris Radnich (L) are two educators from Chadwick International in “futuristic” Songdo, South Korea. They have teamed up to bring students into their first “codeathon” experience. Rolly is Director of Ed Tech while Chris teaches Grade 5. They are surprisingly enthusiastic about classroom technology integration. Rolly brings in a few students from the middle school who are part of a small “Coding Club”. Chris will take care of the adventurous Grade 5 students who volunteered to join the codeathon. Although the time zone difference means this group from South Korea will start at 4:00 p.m. and end at 7:00 p.m. on codeathon day, everyone is excited and ready to go! Go Dolphins! 🙂
Hanoi International School
Dan Slaughter
Dan Slaughter teaches IB Business & Management, IGCSE Business Studies and History at Hanoi International School. A COETAIL graduate, Dan is interested in seeing how teachers integrate technology into their practice. Though previously no experience in coding, he recently started an Elementary Coding Club and is helping organize the Global Codeathon.

Twitter: @danslaughter
Google+: +danslaughter/
Coetail blog: Have a Go

Escola Americana de Campinas

Megan Kuemmerlin
Hong Kong International School
Brian Smith
Brian C. Smith is the Upper Primary ICT Facilitator at Hong Kong International School - Hong Kong, China. Brian leads the Upper Primary 1:1 laptop program and teaches in the UP Studio, a makerspace where students tinker, create, make and learn more about modern computing and technologies. While the Global Codeathon is a first for Upper Primary School, coding is not new to these grade 3-5 students. Every student has access to programming through Logo-based software Turtle Art, Scratch and Microworlds available on all laptops at the school. Following his belief that programming is not a standalone activity for children, Brian aims to have all students experience several coding opportunities before leaving Upper Primary School. Brian is also a faculty member at Constructing Modern Knowledge a hands-on, minds-on learning institute for teachers in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Twitter: @briancsmith
Google+: +BrianCSmith/

GEMS World Academy - Etoy

Mark Shillitoe
Mark Shillitoe is Director of Digital Learning, Technology and Media at GEMS World Academy in Etoy, Switzerland.
He is an Apple Distinguished Educator and has been pivotal in leading the embedding of digital learning into the landscape of his schools. He has presented professional learning workshops on topics such as creativity, International Mindedness, and concept-driven curriculum. Recent initiatives include developing Genius Hour across the school, participating in European Code week and The City Rings sound project and building opportunities to share learning through social media. He developed the use of animation in literacy, receiving recognition both locally for the stop-motion animation Pop Idols in Space, and nationally, being short-listed for the Unilever International Schools Art Competition with a film short, The Apartment.

Educated at Loughborough University, Mark has taught in The Netherlands, England and Germany.

He believes that digital media firmly embedded within inquiry-based learning plays a transformational role in the shaping of learning, personalizing and redefining ways in which we create, collaborate and communicate.

ISF Hong Kong

Claudia Lee
Claudia is a homeroom turned ICT teacher at the ISF Academy in Hong Kong. She speaks English, Cantonese, Putonghua and Japanese and is finishing her Master’s Degree in teaching English as a second language. She is interested in how technology can help second language learning, and has done workshops specializing in this area. Claudia is from Vancouver and misses Canadian bacon and poutine the most!
International School of Geneva

Jennifer Fenton
Jennifer is the Primary Technology for Learning Coordinator at the International School of Geneva, Campus des Nations. She has worked in Canada, Kenya and Hong Kong in various roles, and has always been passionate about effective integration of technology. New to coding, Jennifer is very excited to be taking part in the Global Codeathon. “We’ve just begun our coding club using Scratch in January of this year. I am learning along with my students and this event is a fabulous way to celebrate with others on Scratch Day.”

Twitter: @jennysfen
Google+: Jennifer Fenton/
Blog: Reflective Practice

International School of the Sacred Heart

Christian Thompson
Christian describes himself as the following: Tech Integrator, Web Dude, Moodle Admin, IT Drone, Linux Enthusiast, Hoopy, and Frood. He has been an international educator for the past 18 years and has lived and worked in South Korea, Romania, and Japan. He has a lifelong interest in technology and believes that all students should be introduced to computer programming at school. You can learn more about his views on this subject from his TEDxTokyo talk found here

Twitter: @TokyoEdTech

Singapore International School - Hanoi
Jeffrey Wrensen
Jeffrey Wrensen teaches 5th grade at SIS in Hanoi. He started learning to code after the first Vietnam Technology Conference. He has been running an after school Scratch club for 4th and 5th graders. Jeff also likes to use Scratch in class to teach math, story telling, problem solving and teamwork. Along with Scratch, Jeff enjoys experimenting with the Raspberry Pi to program Minecraft in Python and to explore the other possibilities that small, programmable computers offer.

Twitter: @jeffreywrensen
Google+: +jeffreywrensen/