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Mindy Slaughter is a Grade 5 team leader and classroom teacher at UNIS Hanoi. She started learning to code last year when some of her students wanted to study it for the PYP Exhibition. She has since helped start the Elementary Coding Club and was a lead organizer in the UNIS Hour of Code. She has also presented on integrating coding in the elementary at EARCOS and the Vietnam Tech Conference.
Twitter: @mjslaughter
Blog: Coding in the Elementary
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Heidi Kay Esaiasson is a Grade Four teacher at UNIS Hanoi where she has been working for 7 years. Helping to implement a 1:1 tablet program in Grade Five is one of the many exciting ways that she has helped support an ever growing tech presence at UNIS. One of her aims is to keep technology in education as an authentic, purposeful resource to support student learning.
Twitter: @hlkay
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Michelle is the Elementary Technology Coordinator at UNIS Hanoi. She is passionate about learning ways to integrate technology effectively in the classroom and enjoys helping teachers to feel more empowered with tech in their teaching and learning. She is currently working on her Master's Degree in Educational Leadership at the College of New Jersey. When she is not tinkering with devices she can either be found looking for the next food adventure or traveling, usually with her bicycle in tow. You can connect with Michelle on the following:
Twitter: @michellelmatias
Dan Slaughter teaches IB Business & Management, IGCSE Business Studies and History at Hanoi International School. Currently Dan is finishing up his last course for COETAIL. Though previously no experience in coding, Dan has dived in by starting an Elementary Coding Club and help organize the Global Codeathon.
Twitter: @danslaughter
COETAIL Blog: Have a Go