UNIS Hanoi Coding Club

In the spring of 2013, Grade 5 students at UNIS Hanoi were introduced to coding. Students were captivated by the fact that they could actually control the computer. They began to see computers and video games in a whole new light. A few  students were so enamored that they integrated coding into their PYP Exhibition. They believed coding should be taught in school and their aim was for UNIS to begin teaching coding in Elementary.

This last fall a few UNIS Hanoi elementary staff started the school’s first ever Coding Club for Grades 5 & 6 (and now 4). In just  a few short months students have gone from beginner coder’s creating games and animations to organizing the school’s Elementary Hour of Code.

During the Hour of Code the students introduced coding to 50 students and 10 teachers/administrators and ran sessions including:

    • Scratch
    • HTML
    • Minimator
    • Light-bot
    • Angry Birds (from Code.org)

The Coding Club quickly became one of the most popular ASA’s at UNIS Hanoi. Coding has even been integrated into a few teacher’s curriculum as they now have experts in their room to help with the lesson.  Coding Club members continued to share their love of coding by volunteering to demonstrate their skills at the Vietnam Tech Conference during Mindy’s Slaughter’s presentation on Integrating Coding into the Curriculum. Two months later student’s Skyped in to answer questions about coding at the East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS) Teacher’s Conference.

In order to continue sharing and demonstrate how students can take action and make a difference, the Coding Club is now organizing the Global Codeathon. We would like to welcome you and look forward sharing our love of coding.